After eight years of being the SelfDesign Foundation, as an offshoot of the SelfDesign Learning Foundation,  we are ready to emerge as a new entity!

We have listened to each other, to our learners, faculty and alumni along with focus groups to discover how we are being seen and recognized for the purpose, vision and mission we are committed to bringing forth.  After absorbing feedback and reflecting upon hours of zoom conferences, surveys, evaluations and heart-felt conversations, our TLF Board collaborated about the changes we would need to make in order to fulfill what we see as our destiny call.  And it became clear that we needed to change our name.

We witnessed our learners embrace the process of self-authoring their journey of unfolding to their own wisdom.  They have experienced the SelfDesign® Methodology and Brent Cameron’s tools through their coursework.  The revelations they have shared related to the Life Spiral, Paragon and Mandala were life changing as they pursued their explorations of what is the message that is for each of them to bring forth as their significant contribution.

Each member of our faculty has unique expertise and passion for their own work and here at the Graduate Institute we have heard that their role as mentor has evolved their view of what learning is all about when it is centered in relationship: for example, Beth Sutton with Enki Education, Sam Crowell with Earth Charter and Emergent learning, Fleurette Sweeney and Pille Bunnell with Learning as a Living System, Hillary Leighton with Ecosystems and Learning, Josette Luvmour and Ba Luvmour with Natural Learning Relationships, and so many more.

The most common word that describes the learning, the relationship to learning is TRANSFORMATIVE….thus our new name—the Transformative Learning Foundation (TLF), and the Graduate Institute for Transformative Learning (GIFTLearning).

As a professional higher learning organization, we transition to our new brand with deep respect and gratitude for our history with SelfDesign.  SelfDesign will always have a special place in our hearts for our founders held a vision.  A vision  that we believe will be unfolding its full potential, even more so now as we are better able to point to SD as a significant methodology within a more holistic context that includes other methodologies as well.

The Transformative Learning Foundation (TLF) provides governance to the Graduate Institute for Transformative Learning (GIFTLearning), which confers Master of Arts degrees in a high quality, low residency environment.  The TLF’s  larger vision includes lifelong learning. To attract learners for GIFT-L we have expanded to include two additional programs.

  1.  TLF Certificate Programs provides courses delivered by our GIFTLearning faculty for teachers, administrators, conscious business leaders and social change advocates.  These programs provide professional and personal development programs to those who are interested in personalized learning within a learning community.
  2. Multi-generational Learning for Life programs are designed  to include Elders and “Elders in Training,” who want to grow into the Elders the world needs at this time.

The concept of learning relationships in community—where wisdom knows no age- will create meaningful engagements that can positively impact the world in which we live together.


Transformative Learning Foundation:  Mission and Vision

  • Mission: To co-inspire self-authored and joyful learning, lifelong.
  • Vision: The Transformative Learning Foundation is a leading facilitator for wisdom in education, awakening potential for the evolution of our consciousness.

Graduate Institute for Transformative Learning:  Mission and Vision

  • Mission: The Graduate Institute for Transformative Learning nurtures each learner’s authoring of their own learning and life within a learning community, through high-quality low-residency and distance education offerings.
  • Vision: Real people. Real learning. Real results.