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Thesis: The Art of Intimacy: An Inquiry into Sustaining a Vibrant Intimate Romantic Relationship as a Pathway Contributing to the Evolution of Human Consciousness—a thesis by Jill Candlish

Jill Candlish is an energetic, outgoing, friendly person, who is also deeply passionate about engaging with friends, family, nature and creative expression. While working as a learning consultant in the alternative education field, she is also a committed life-long learner who believes that the pursuit of personal passions can bring one to their greatest purpose.

One of her foremost passions is the subject of her recently completed GIFTLearning Master’s thesis. Jill knows her subject matter well, having maintained her own 40-year marriage by supporting meaningful communication, shared emotional and physical intimacy, equality and freedom to pursue individual goals.

“I continually choose my partnership as an opportunity for growth as well as wonderment, and I consider its success as my greatest achievement.”

From the Abstract of The Art of Intimacy: An Inquiry into Sustaining a Vibrant Intimate Romantic Relationship as a Pathway contributing to the Evolution of Human Consciousness.

Jill Candlish

“The impetus for improving personal romantic relationships has been gaining momentum in modern times concurrent with the breakdown of the sustainability of long-term marriage. In this paper, I look at the connection between the advancement of relationship skills and the evolution of cultural values. I provide an overview of how the movement toward gender equality has a significant influence on the development of sustainable vibrant marriage, and how the evolution of human consciousness has contributed to this movement. I explore conversations around intimacy, emotional intelligence, feminine and masculine aspects of being, and the changes in attitudes necessary for a new worldview to emerge wherein the prospect of sustaining vibrant romantic relationship becomes more prevalent. This paper describes the emerging values of a new social order, one that moves beyond a domination style of relationship and toward a respectful partnership approach to relationship. I summarize how this could be a most desirable and beneficial cultural model.”

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Image credit: Image by Jeff Balbalosa from Pixabay

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