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Sir Ken Robinson Tribute

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Currently, the global pandemic is forcing schools and families to rethink what schooling is about. Do schools nurture creativity and purpose in children? It’s one of the key questions left in the legacy of Sir Ken Robinson. He spent decades, a life career and purpose towards contextualizing for communities, teachers, and parents what the essence of school could and can be. 

One of the most watched TEDtalks, “Do Schools Kill Creativity” was a frank and direct inquiry exposing that schools do – gently said – indeed stifle creativity. As we reassess our schooling systems, his passing reminds us – we must have the courage to be the leaders to transform the schooling system.

Sir Ken Robinson did not mind not conforming. Everybody has an interest in education because it runs deep like religion and money, We all need to remember that students in school today will be retiring in 2065. With the rate of change occurring with the speed of technology it lays out an unpredictable future to where we are heading. 

Sir Kenneth Robinson said creativity is like literacy. Kids are naturally not fearful of being wrong or stigmatized by making mistakes.  Our traditional education systems are educating our future leaders out of their creativity. He supported the multiple intelligences in children, the gifts of personalizing learning, and the duty toward the community children are a part of. 

The Arts and Learning as a Living System 

Perhaps now, during the reset, it’s time to bring forward the arts. And ask why in many schools has the Arts been at the bottom of the list? Art is the pathway to connect with imagination, and to connect the head with the heart through creativity. Here we access embodiment. 

Just maybe this  could support schooling to have a context for learning as a living system. A Living System as a model has distinctions from the industrial conveyor belt which has been controlling at least 14,000 hours of each person’s traditional schooling experience for far too long.

 In Sustainable Education, by the Schumacher College, this quote says it all: “Art leads Science by ten years, Science leads Business by ten years and Business leads Education by ten years.”  A key inquiry is if Art is 30 years ahead of Education-then perhaps we could begin to see learning beyond a linear perspective, by allowing the Arts to become essential.

“As the world grapples with a global pandemic and educators, students and parents navigate the challenges of the upcoming school year, it is a perfect time to reflect on the wisdom of Sir Ken Robinson. Can we stretch our own thinking about the kind of thinking we want students to engage with? Can we create more opportunities for them to ‘draw from a blank canvas’ and put their ideas into applied action? Can we find more ways to allow students to flourish in their own unique ways using their own unique strengths? “ – Tribute from Forbes

As we navigate 2020, we are called to be more resourceful and creative and to tap into the imagination of what could be. How do we support this for ourselves and children? 

We are grateful for the gifts that Sir Kenneth Robinson has given us. Let’s put them to good use. The time is now. Our future can be so much brighter when we turn on the light.

One of the most watched talks on TEDtalks: 


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