Transformative Learning Community Certified Practitioner Program

Deepen your practice in creating and leading Transformative Learning Communities

Join our program and become a Certified Transformative Learning Communities Practitioner !

The Transformative Learning Foundation offers a Practitioner Program in Transformative Learning Communities. Starting with a 4 semester, 6 course online certificate that includes two 6 day Residencies in Washington State in the Fall, learners move into a consolidation phase and ongoing professional development to maintain certification.

Phase 1: 

Certificate in Transformative Learning Communities

In all of our courses and directed studies, learners and faculty mentors meet online in real time for conversations.


The certificate includes four Core courses and two electives:


TL 100 Transformative Learning: Principles and Praxis (3 credits) First Year, Fall Semester, online via Zoom with in-person residency

TL 101 Modes of Inquiry (3 credits) First Year, Winter Semester, online via Zoom

TL 102 Epistemological Foundations of Learning (3 credits) First Year, Summer Semester, online via Zoom

TL 103 Living in a Learning Community (3 credits) Second Year, Fall Semester, online via Zoom with in-person residency

This experience of Transformational Learning continues with choosing two elective courses that they want to pursue and/or the directed studies that they want to create—and the faculty mentors with whom they want to learn.

The Practitioner Certificate in Transformative Learning Communities program includes 6 courses in all. Learners add to their portfolio as they journey through the program and culminate their program by choosing a practice experience and/or final project. You have the opportunity to explore your own curiosity, answer your own questions, and follow your own enthusiasms—within our learning community.

Low Residency Model

The Transformative Learning Foundation employs a “low residency model.” The learner starts their program with TL 100 Transformative Learning: Principles and Praxis which uses a blended format with sessions both online via videoconference and with a six-day Residency during which the faculty mentors and learners meet in class sessions in person. The Foundation has rolling admissions during the year, so learners can begin their course work in January or April.

Phase 2: 

Consolidation Experience in Transformative Learning Communities

1: 1 mentoring with an experienced Practice Mentor, in your area of focus, during their first year as a TLC Practitioner.

Phase 3: 

Professional Development to maintain certification

Through bi-monthly virtual and in person meetings, seminars, are recorded in the Practitioner’s ePortfolio.

Cohort support:

There is enormous value in learners beginning their Practitioner Certificate in a cohort, learning together at through the four Core courses. We know that in a cohort, learners support each other, learn from and with each other, and develop social and intellectual bonds that enhance their learning and growth and may last for many years beyond the earning of a certificate. Learners also choose a Portfolio Mentor during the coursework phase, and a Practice Mentor in the consolidation phase.


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