If you’re an educator who believes in blazing new trails then personalizing learning is our way forward. Our students, each of them possessing unique dispositions and competencies, are waiting for us to say, “I see you!” and to help them in their learning journeys, from where they are. Our role is not to sort them according to DOB, or standardized templates, or norm-referenced filters. That’s so yesterday.

In his 2016 book, The End of Average, Harvard professor Todd Rose wrote “A science of the group is a poor substitute for a true science of the individual.”  His words bring into sharp contrast the distinctions between a mindset supporting the (mythical) middle-of-the-road and one that helps to blaze new trails.

Our way forward – supporting personalized learning – is a new way that will create  vital, exciting results for  students and educators. I know, I’ve been personalizing learning for my learners in school settings for almost 30 years. The journey for me, which began in ‘not knowing’ and a little trepidation about what lay ‘around the next bend’, has led to a career of deep satisfaction as an educator.

Come and join me in our trip together exploring how you can support personalized learning in your classrooms and schools. Check out the ‘Certificate in Personalized Learning’ course I’ll be leading this fall as an offering of the Personalized Learning Academy; details are on this website.

Michael Maser, Founder, Personalized Learning Academy

(Michael is a 30-year, award-winning educator. Co-founder of SelfDesign Learning Community (BC Canada), Michael is presently completing a PhD at Simon Fraser University (Vancouver Canada) focusing on personalizing learning. He is also author of Learn Your Way! (2012)