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Personalizing Learning – now emerging as the most important educational opportunity in generations – is the future of education. The Personalized Learning Academy is committed to help seed this future across North America through course offerings, resources and expert insights.

Future Offering:  Personalizing Learning Certificate Course (2019 date TBA) 

It’s Time

For a New Definition

Of Human Intelligence

It’s a very exciting time. Personalized Learning is recognized as the best framework to nurture lifelong, enthusiasm-driven learning that can and should be a hallmark of every learner in every school. Educators and students, administrators and parents know that Personalized Learning is the key enabler for all people of any age to thrive, just as they know that conventional, one-size-fits-all schooling isn’t meeting today’s learning needs.

We’ve created the Personalized Learning Academy to help ‘nurture and launch the butterflies’ we know as the children and youth we serve, and that live in ourselves, too. In doing so we’ll be exploring and seeding the educational future for which so many of us have been advocating.

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“What our young people need much more of in the future, more than we did, or our parents needed, is education to discover their own passions, their own interests and talents.

Dr. Pasi Sahlberg

“Each child comes into the world with unique potentials that, if properly nourished, can contribute to the betterment of our world. The biggest challenge for parents and teachers is to remove the roadblocks that keep those gifts from being recognized, celebrated, and nurtured."

Thomas Armstrong, Ph.D.

"Nowadays, whole new concepts of brain development, “intelligence,” wellness, and basic (yet important) processes are emerging from the frontiers of science that reflect a new, broader understanding of what it means to be human. This is good news."

Michael Maser

The real work of humanity at this time may be to awaken the unique spark and inner resiliency of genius within each person.

Michael Meade
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Certificate Course

In 2019 the PLA will be offering a ‘Personalizing Learning Certificate’ course, providing learners with a foundation of understanding for Personalizing Learning in their educational and/or coaching practices. In this course, learners will explore the roots and applications of Personalized Learning (PL), gain insights into what works most effectively in PL, and how, and develop approaches for applying PL in their professional settings. 

More information on the Certificate Course may be found here.

About the Personalized Learning Academy

The Personalized Learning Academy is a collaborative project between the SelfDesign Foundation and various Associates. PLA founder Michael Maser is a long-time educator oriented to personalizing learning and a faculty member of the SelfDesign Graduate Institute. 

Our Vision

The Vision of the Personalized Learning Academy is to serve as a catalyst deepening and strengthening the implementation of personalized learning in schools and educational organizations, worldwide.

Our Mission

The Personalized Learning Academy will provide educators, administrators and others with insights, tools and strategies supporting the success of all students through a spectrum of personalized learning approaches.

Our Purpose

The Personalized Learning Academy, in affiliation with the SelfDesign Foundation, will be a portal for educators, administrators, families and others to grow knowledge and expertise about the most important facets of Personalized Learning, and gain the confidence to apply this knowledge professionally or personally.

Our Team

Michael Maser (Founder):   Michael is a 30-year career educator who has focused almost exclusively on personalizing learning in his professional praxis and research. Michael is co-founder of two personalized and innovative independent schools in BC Canada, he is the recipient of a Prime Ministers Award (2006) for education innovation, and he is currently a PhD candidate at Simon Fraser University (BC), where his research focus is on personalizing learning. He is the author of ‘Learn Your Way!’ (2012), a personalized learning text for teens and educators in BC schools, and  he is the founder of the Personalized Learning Academy (2018).

Kandi Horton (Associate):  Kandi lives in Southeastern Wisconsin with her husband and 2 children, and has been involved in many facets of education for the past 20 years.  She has taught at many different levels including Kindergarten, third and fourth grades, and most recently began a Personalized Learning program for middle school grades 5-8 in her district. Kandi is involved in district leadership, and has a wide overview of educational history and practices including serving on a local school board. In 2017, Kandi was the recipient of the Herb Kohl Teacher Fellowship which honors distinguished, innovative teachers in Wisconsin each year.In 2015, she completed the Principal Licensure Program and Director of Instruction licensure through Concordia University, and she received a Master’s degree in Elementary Foundations of Education from the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities in 2004.  Outside of school Kandi enjoys reading, fishing, and traveling.
Linda Inlay (Advisor): Linda is an educator at Our Lady of Sorrows School in Wahiawa, Hawaii, where she collaborated with the founders of the Ho`āla Educational Philosophy, a combination of Adlerian principles and Carl Roger’s self-actualization theory. Ho`āla in Hawaiian means, “awakening of the self,” and the philosophy emphasizes the core values of responsibility, respect, resourcefulness, and responsiveness in this awakening process. Later, Linda entered the California public school system and served for eighteen years as principal of River School in Napa County, where she introduced the Ho`āla educational philosophy. During her tenure, River School received two California Distinguished School Awards, the Promising Practices Award and National School of Character Award, and the California School Board Association’s Golden Bell Award. Founder of the the Ho’āla Foundation for Education, a nonprofit dedicated to sharing Ho’āla with families and schools.

Our Core Values

Trust and Respect
We Trust in the natural learning capabilities and positive dispositions of all learners, as we likewise Respect and Confirm all learners ‘where they’re at’ in their personal learning journeys.

We emphasize learner Self Empowerment as a means of enhancing
self-responsible learning and personal growth.

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