1. The PLA is committed to helping create the circumstances for each learner to thrive (i.e. to experience the optimal actualization of their learning), in formal educational environments and without, and enable learners to grow self-efficacy in stewarding their own learning.
    Why: Learning is influenced by many factors arising uniquely for each person, reflecting innate physical and emotional characteristics, personal habits, cultural dispositions, interests, etc. Personal learning capacity is enhanced through integrating these factors and creating the circumstances for all learners to thrive.
  2. The PLA is committed to creating learning relationships among educators, mentors and learners grounded in strengthening learner self-esteem, confidence and empowerment as a means to enhancing learning capacity.
    Why: A positive culture that seeks to optimize learning is grounded in relationships guided by educators and mentors holding additional capacities beyond conventional teaching, to encourage and inspire, strengthen resilience and character, nurture positive social interaction, and nurture learning in all students.
  3. The PLA is committed to meeting learners ‘where they’re at’ in their learning paths and to positively enable learning to arise in multiple, diverse forms.
    Why: Learning arises as a vital creative and generative act by people of all ages and cultures to make sense of their world and grow knowledge important to their individual and/or collective sensibilities, interests and drives.


  • By engaging learners ‘where they’re at’ in their learning lives and helping empower them to resourcefully address issues they are facing and achieve goals they are seeking.
  • By Intentionally creating an environment for wellness, balance and positive self-affect to arise.
  • By modeling the changes we wish to seed in the domain of education.