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Become a Certified Transformative Learning Communities Practitioner.

We invite you as an integral heart-centered changemaker to be our co-generators in facilitating learning communities forward into the world as an obvious choice for learning for life.

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Pre-certification phase: Exploring the map through modules

You choose your modules as you and your mentor explore the learning map. A minimum of four (three additional to Orientation) in the pre-certification phase before can move to joining the Certified Transformative Learning Communities (TLC) Practitioner community.

  1. Orientation Module: All learners start here. You are introduced to our map: the inquiry- based process of wonder, explore, design, apply, within the collective of the Certified Practitioners community. This natural cycle of learning based on privileging embodied, emergent collective knowledge, what we call learning as a living system. This learning model supports diverse and equitable communities and futures.
  2. Workshop Module: Series of 4 of our ProD workshops chosen by learner. Each workshop runs four weeks, in person via zoom. This module can be repeated.
  3. Practicum Module: Joining one of our Certified Practitioners in a hands-on experience (e.g. one of our grads at their school). This module can be repeated.
  4. Project Module: Interested in designing your own module? Choose your mentor, your learning goals and proposed outcomes. This module can be repeated.
  5. Belonging/Neurodiversity Module: This module explores transformative approaches to working with learners defined in mainstream education as ‘Special Needs”. How do we create new spaces for strengths-based approaches instead of inviting people to the old structure. How do we move past the concept of ‘othering’ and consider that the disruptors of today are the innovators of tomorrow?


Locations on the TLC map

  1. Presencing/grounding:deep listening, relational communication, process of dialoguing, unconditional regard
  2. What is learning?: Trust, optimal zone/safety, enthusiasm, “fanning a flame”, part of daily life, no end, strengths-based, learning to learn through the natural process of wonder, explore, design, apply
  3. Emergence and Relationality: systems literacy, intersubjectivity, generative collective wisdom
  4. Human Development and Evolution of Consciousness with a focus on using Natural Learning Relationships
  5. Learning as a living system/process: integrating first-, second-, and third-person knowing, listening to wisdom cultures to define an appropriate consciousness

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost for the program? What does this include? Can I do a payment plan?

The cost of the 16 month program is $4000 or $250/month. This includes the 4 modules, the support of your portfolio mentor through the full program, access to your TLC email account and google classroom, eportfolio, and ongoing learning and technical support. This fee can be paid in full or in monthly installments of $250 with a $10/month admin fee.

How am I graded? What do I need to do to get the certificate?

Practitioners-in-training will create and compile their eportfolio, sharing their learning edges and artifacts as you move through the program. At the end of each module, there is a reflective component as part of the eportfolio. A minimum or 80% of the learning activities must be completed to get the certificate and move into the ongoing practitioner phase.

Will the virtual sessions be recorded if I need to miss a session?

Yes–a secure way of accessing these recordings will be used.

Who are my instructors? My portfolio mentor? My practice mentor?

All instructors, portfolio mentors and practice mentors are certified TLC practitioners. You can find out more about these individuals on our website, under Our Community.

How is the class time decided?

A suitable time is negotiated between all people in the group.

What kind of scholarship is available?

More information will be available on our website in the coming months.

What is a portfolio?

An eportfolio is a collection of learning artifacts, gathered as the program progresses. This allows for an emergent witnessing of the learning process.

Is there an online program website?

Modules will have their own Google Classroom.

How is my info kept secure?

TLF uses the Google Education platform. Learners securely access the portal through their email address.

Can I teach in the program?

After becoming a certified TLCP, you enter the ongoing practitioner phase where you continue to several nourishments within our community.

  • Job Board
  • Able to offer a TLF workshop
  • @TLCommunity email, access to Community Portal
  • publish in our Open Journal, Book publishing
  • Two passes to TLF ProD workshops, free cafe conversations
  • Attending Annual Community Gathering at the Whidbey Institute
  • Able to call self a Certified TLC Practitioner
How do I access the program website, community portal, workshop sites?

This will be reviewed at the first class

Can I use this program for academic credits?

Yes! This certificate is able to be transferred to Antioch University into the Transformative Learning Communities Concentration in the Individualized MA program

Can I do this program at the same time as my college studies?

Absolutely! Many of our learners find the experiential nature of this program complements their academic studies.

Is this a good gap year project?

For sure! This program can support explorations of your life’s calling.

How much does it cost to apply?

The non-refundable application fee is $50. This is applied to your tuition.

How do I apply?

Start with apply via the application portal and paying your application fee. You will then be in contact with our Director of Educational Offerings for an interview and matching you with your Portfolio Mentor (PM). Your PM will meet with you to begin the welcoming process before the Orientation module begins.

How am I matched with my PM?

You will indicate the top three choices and we will determine which of your choices is available at that time. You are able to switch PMs under certain circumstances.

When is the Community Gathering for 2020? For 2021?

The Fall 2020 Community Gathering will be held virtually. Dates for 2021 are Sept 24-27, 2021 at the Whidbey Institute.

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  • This Application Fee is $50 and non-refundable. This Application fee will be applied to tuition fee