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Gap Year Programming

TLF’s Gap Year Experience is based on the Certified Practitioner program in Transformative Learning Communities.

Design your own Gap Year experience!

Perhaps it’s time for a new definition for a gap year. In our Transformative Learning Community, we have learners in their 20’s, 30’s, 40’s and beyond who are creating the space for a soulful unfolding to occur in their lived experience.. Learning to meet oneself from the inside out, creates the awareness of a uniqueness that provides clues for the work, path and contribution. Perfect for this reset time, a GAP year experience.

Are you looking for a learning adventure that you create, in partnership with a Gap Year coach and group of like-minded journeyers?

Here are some of the inquiries that could support you in self-authoring your learning journey.

What are my unique strengths, talents and capacities?
How might I connect my inner essence to my livelihood?
How can I best develop confidence to design my contribution?
What about that dream on my heart, that I am not sure how to integrate into what’s next for my life?
With the world shifting into uncertainty on so many fronts, how can I be the change I want to see?
How can I best learn from mentors today in ways that will help me design my role where I can be paid to be my best self?
What if I could be supported in “not knowing” to allow myself to dig deep and allow the answers to come from within me, with the guidance of mentors?
How does a synchronous learning community align as a supportive system for me to create my calling, my purpose for a life well lived?

These are just a few examples of guiding inquiries that have helped our learners find their way to truly own their life.

When you think about it, most people go through school to prepare themselves for some future event. Like, when I graduate,I will be ready for that perfect job. And what many of us have discovered along the way, is that what’s most important is that when we can bring ourselves to our learning in the present moment…and build on that over time there is more meaning making.

This Gap Year- is an invitation for you to bring you to your learning with support with meaning.

Allow yourself the opportunity to discover how to bring YOU to your learning and from this place, the rest of the journey becomes the path to your ultimate destination…the one only you can design, from your own uniqueness.

Visit to learn more about the program and in light of COV-19 and economic hardship, flexible extended payment plans.