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TLF Faculty Books and Publications

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TLF Faculty Selected Books and Publications:

This list represents a sampling of books and publications of our faculty mentors.
For a more in-depth list of each faculty mentor, please refer to our website:


Marcia Braundy

  • Braundy, M. (2011) Men & Women and Tools: Bridging the Divide. Fernwood Press


Pille Bunnell

  • Bunnell, P. 2015. ASC 1999 to 2001: a Personal Account. Cybernetics and Human Knowing (in press)
  • Bunnell, P. 2013. The Role of Love, Trust and Intimacy in Learning. (white paper)
  • Maturana and VerdenZöller, Ed. Bunnell, P. 2008. The Origin of Humanness in the Biology of Love. Imprint Academic, 228 pp. (includes Foreword by P. Bunnell)


Mali Burgess

  • Creative Awareness Creative Healing. An Iris Institute Digital Publication. 2016
  • Stories From the Well. An Iris Institute Digital Publication. 2013
  • Still. Carolingian Press. 1975.


Elaine Decker

  • Making Sense with the Sense of Humor. 2010. Saarbrucken: Lambert Academic Publishing


Kathleen Forsythe

  • Bunnell, P. and K. Forsythe, 1999 The Chain of Hearts: Teaching the Biology of Love, Proceedings of the BodyMind Conference, Vancouver, in prepublication.


Paul Freedman

  • Fathoming Depth: Envisioning Deep Education. 2012. Encounter: Education for Meaning and Social Justice. 25:1
  • Flow and Educating for Life. 2010. Encounter: Education for Meaning and Social Justice.23:4


Jeanne Marie Iorio

  • Rethinking Readiness in Early Childhood Education, Implications for Policy and Practice. Editors: Iorio, J., Parnell, W., Borch, Karl (Eds.) (2015)


Karen Leckie


Sam Crowell

  • Earth Charter Pedagogy: Integrating Peace Education and ESD (2017)
  • Emergent Teaching, A Path of Creativity, Significance, and Transformation (2013)
  • The Re-enchantment of Learning (1998, 2001)


Teresita Tubianosa

  • Taylor, A. & Tubianosa, T.S.R. (2001). Student Assessment Across Canada. Society for the Advancement of Excellence in Education, Kelowna, British Columbia.
  • Tubianosa, T.S.R., Sham, B., Ishak, A.K. & Remorin, P. (1993). SEA Secondary Students’ Awareness and Attitudes Toward Environmental Issues. SEAMEO-RECSAM Press, Penang, Malaysia.


Ba Luvmour

  • Luvmour, B., & Luvmour, J. (Spring, 2019). Everyone wins!: Cooperative games and activities (3rd ed.). Philadelphia, PA: New Society Publishers.
  • Luvmour, B. (2012). Beyond Metaphor: Dialogue from the realm of self-knowledge. Portland, OR: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform.
  • Optimal Parenting—Using Natural Learning Relationships to Nurture the Whole Child, Sentient Publications, March, 2006.


Josette Luvmour

  • Luvmour, J. (2017). Grow Together: Parenting as a path to well-being, wisdom, and joy. Portland, OR: Create Space. (Mom’s Choice Award Recipient; and Finalist, Foreword INDIES Book of the Year Award, of the best books in 2017)
  • Luvmour, B., & Luvmour, J. (2019). Everyone wins!: Cooperative games and activities (3rd ed.). Philadelphia, PA: New Society Publishers.
  • Natural Learning Relationships Series (2018, Vol. 1-5) by Luvmour J. & Luvmour B.


David Marshak


Michael Maser

  • Learn Your Way! SelfDesigning the Life You Really Want, Starting Now (ebook); 2011, SelfDesign Learning Systems, Inc.;
  • Dreaming Dragon Consulting (monthly blog);
  • Gold Mad (novel); 2013, MW Publications,


Chris Mercogliano


River Meyer


  • SelfDesign: Unfolding Our Infinite Wisdom Within, co-authored with SelfDesign founder Brent Cameron, 2006 (Sentient), 2009 & 2012 (SelfDesign Learning Systems, Inc.), eBook available.’’ 



Jennie Oliver

  • Dissertation – Narrative Inquiry into Quality: An Exploration of Quality Development in South Korea (Argosy University-Hawaii, 2017)
  • Dissertation – Heuristic Inquiry into Second Language Acquisition and Cultural Competence (Argosy University-Hawaii, 2012)


Zachary M. Oliver

  • Falling but Fulfilled


Renee Beth Poindexter

  • Poindexter, R. B. (2019). Living the Potential: Engaging the wisdom of our youth to save the world. Portland: Living the Potential Press.


Lucila Rudge

  • Rudge, L. (2019). Nurturing the wellbeing of public-school educators. Invited speaker, Wellbeing, Research and Practice Seminar, University of Auckland, New Zealand.
  • Rudge, L. (2019). Contemporary science and Steiner’s theory of human development:


Annie Smith

  • 2014 “Learning Wisdom through Collectivity: The Women Writing Women Collective” to NASPA Journal about Women in Higher Education (NASPA_NJAWHE), issue 7.1. Co-authors: Barbara A Bickel, Luanne Armstrong, Lynn M Fels, Gillian Gerhard, Alyson Hoy, Nané Jordan, Nané Jordan, Jeannie Stubbs, Valerie Triggs.


Prapanna Smith


Anna Soter

  • Soter, A. (2018). Breathing Spaces (Poetry). Kelsay Books/Aldrich Press.
  • 2019 “Mastering Tongues” in Botticelli Literary Magazine (p.203, vol. 13). Columbus
  • College of Art & Design.Columbus, Ohio.
  • 2018 “Anthill Heaven.” Botticelli Literary Magazine, (p.xx, vol. 11). Columbus College of Art & Design).
  • 2017 “On a Minnesota Afternoon in August,” Ether Arts Literary and Visual Arts Magazine, Spring, p. 7. College of Medicine, The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio.


Fleurette Sweeney

  • 2005 Singing English: Common Expressions. Teacher’s manual and student text and CD’s for 16 weeks oral language program integrated into the Beilin International Academic Preparation (IAP) Certificate, China
  • 1994 90 Folk Songs Kidd & Company Graphics, Inc., Langley, BC. Symposium Proceedings: The First Asia Pacific Symposium on Music Education Research. Paper: Singing in the Education of Children
  • 1973 Experience Games for the Very Young. Co-authored with Margaret Wharram, Richards Institute Publishers, CA
  • 1970 Tracking the Learning Process. Masters project. Richards Institute Publishers, CA


Barbarah Nicholl


  • Creativity and Adolescence: Awakening the Heart of Creativity, Council for Creativity in Education, Finland 2017