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Learning as a Living Process

Since retiring from IBM, Milt Markewitz’s primary focus has been on re-achieving ecological and social harmony to the Earth.

It is the Indigenous Peoples who speak messages that resonate with him, and he’s worked to amplify that message in his book, Language of Life: Answers to Modern Crises in an Ancient Way of Speaking. With the acceleration of global climate change, the messages now include preparing for some very difficult times for many species throughout the planet.  He has been aligning with Ilarion Merculieff, author of several books-including Wisdom Keeper, leader for cross-cultural orientation and speaker on the wisdom of Indigenous Elders for modern times. This quote from Illarion – Milt often shares:

“In these prophetic times, where human beings are pushing

the Earth Mother’s life support systems to the brink,

it is imperative to do whatever is possible to elevate human consciousness. 

We must heal separation from self, from other and Mother Earth.

This separation is the root cause for all the human dysfunctions

that are destroying Mother Earth and ourselves.”

Addressing the root cause of separation opens the path of awareness for Living Systems and Learning as a Living Process. All life has been endowed with several life processes as there is perfect order to the natural systems of Nature with zero waste, and the energy of living systems is universal-filled with awe, wonder, beauty and wisdom. Earth-based cultures recognize the relational elements of Nature and respect and honor the Earth as alive and not separate from themselves.

Unfortunately this wisdom has not been part of how we have been educated or how most people live their lives and as a result we have wrought  devastation and destruction. Now- it is becoming obvious that massive change is here and we as humans are at a choice point. So the question Milt poses:  who do we need to be and what do we need to know that we might learn from the Earth Based cultures before it is too late? 

Milt’s course integrates systems theory with earth-based culture dynamics that reveals how living systems are continually self-organizing: cleansing, healing, restructuring and emerging. Becoming aware of the universal life and possibility that emergence reveals as in the seasons and the soil and when nourished and regenerated-the Earth continues to provide sustenance for all living creatures. This reminds us of our reciprocal relationship. There is an energetic connection. The Earth will always provide as long as we…

  • Recognize the intrinsic value of all life
  • Honor our mutual responsibilities
  • Honor the Covenant with our Life Support Dependencies

A key to the learning as a living system is to witness our own internal yearning to reconnect with the Earth.  When we do, we discover our interdependence, and we can begin to awaken to the systemic understanding of learning as a living process. And it will give us more than hope:  WE  can properly respond to the challenges of our world.

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