Inter-generational Learning for Life

Inter-generational Learning for Life is an online program that invites you celebrate your status as an Elder and explore your own life-long accumulated wisdom, your meaning-making and your insights in relationship with other wisdom seekers.

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Of Aging and Elderhood

Being an Elder today goes far beyond retirement. It’s about connecting through inter-generational conversations, sharing your wisdom and insights, and at the same time continuing with receiving wisdom from those around you. Living is a process of continual transformation and evolution, and inter-generational conversation contribute to strengthening community, increasing caring and compassion, and evolving our collective knowledge. We need our elders and inter-generational conversations now more than ever before.

“I loved the way that we could talk with each other openly, with trust and mutual respect. I felt cared for, heard, and appreciated.”

“I really value the opportunity to explore what being an elder means for me—and to hear what perspectives, insights, experiences, and questions other people had about elderhood.”

“By the end of the fifth session, I had articulated several ideas to myself for what I wanted to do next in my community to serve as an elder and really feel into what this means for my heart and soul.”

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Designing Your Elderhood

Designing Your Elderhood

Designing My Elderhood Facilitated by David Marshak (See Bio) is an online program that invites you to explore your identity and values as you leave your work life behind and enter this new stage of life. NOTE: A Waitlist is now being taken. EMAIL

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