Hello and Welcome to our New Portal:  Transformative Learning Foundation (TLF)

We have been evolving our vision and mission over the past eight years and as we have been in that process we have discovered the real essence of emergence.  As nature is continually revealing what emergence as a guiding principle is- you realize that you cannot help a butterfly emerge from the chrysalis in any way, for it has its own timing.  If we try to rush the process, we end up destroying the very thing we are trying to save.

Our TLF organization has embodied our role to be the leading facilitator in wisdom for education, awakening potential for the evolution of consciousness.  This vision is larger than life-it may happen or may not happen in our lifetime, and that is the true essence of a vision statement-one that is bigger than life and yet one so compelling that every action we take is fulfilling the destiny of the legacy we want to be our guiding purpose.

We feel the need to respond to the current scenarios impacting the domain of education.  We believe that learning can be transformative, and in many places learning does not  embody that quality, especially when there is an over-riding emphasis placed on testing or proving that one is good enough to move forward based on a set of artificial standards ALIGNED on an industrial conveyor belt, known as the traditional model of education.

Through our years of research and practice, our faculty and leaders have aligned with a different view, a ecological model, emanating from Nature herself.  And this brings us to how can we naturally emerge into our next best form?

One of the guiding principles that we hold near and dear is that we choose to become a self-renewing learning community of care.  This principle has generated a synergy with our Board, Our President, Dean, Faculty, and most of all our Learners. This is a “power-with” strategy and it is based on synergy-where two or more parties working together bring about results that would not have occurred if they had worked alone.

Reading  Joanna Macy’s book entitled Active Hope, I am inspired to share:  “emergence and synergy lie right at the heart of  power with. They generate new possibilities and capacities, adding a mystery element that means we can never be certain how a situation will go just from looking at the elements within it.”  She also refers to DH Lawrence who wrote

“Water is H2O

Hydrogen two parts

Oxygen one

But there is also a third thing that makes it water

And nobody knows what it is.”

Emergence shows us that visions, values and purposes flow through and between people. Conversations becomes the pathway for deeper connection at every point on the circle we call our community. Reflecting with all of our stakeholders, the most common word that describes the learning that is happening and the relationship to learning is TRANSFORMATIVE….thus our new name—the Transformative Learning Foundation (TLF), and the Graduate Institute for Transformative Learning (GIFTLearning).

Our emergence now in this season of our development has brought us to our new name. The Transformative Learning Foundation (TLF) provides governance to the Graduate Institute for Transformative Learning (GIFTLearning), which confers Master of Arts degrees in a high quality, low residency environment.  The TLF’s  larger vision includes lifelong learning. To attract learners for GIFT-L we have expanded to include two additional programs.

Sequence of pumpkin plant growing isolated, evolution concept

  1. TLF Certificate Programsprovides courses delivered by our GIFTLearning faculty for teachers, administrators, conscious business leaders and social change advocates.  These programs provide professional and personal development programs to those who are interested in personalized learning within a learning community.
  2. Multi-generational Learning for Life programs are designed  to include Elders and “Elders in Training,” who want to grow into the Elders the world needs at this time.

The concept of learning relationships in community—where “wisdom knows no age” creates meaningful engagements that can positively impact the world in which we live together.

According to Joanna Macy, there are four steps to emergence. I want to share these with you, for it may help you also begin to trust the natural unfoldment of positive change.

  • Number one: We are bringing forward our strengths which we have discovered through engaging with several challenges and we continue to rise to the occasion.
  • Number two: We have recognized the power that arises out of cooperation with others.
  • Number three: “There is the subtle power of small steps whose impact only becomes evident when we step back and see the larger picture we contribute to,”
  • Number four: “ the emerging power of an inspiring vision that moves through and strengthens us when we act for a purpose bigger than ourselves.”

We are grateful to be in this process of transformative learning…it is a continual process and as we integrate how we do what we do in this world, no matter what role we are playing, we are part of the positive movement-the flow-the wisdom-the synergistic converter -envisioning the self-renewing community of care-with transformative learning at the core.

Thank you for reading-and please join in with us.  There is a space for you…if you are called to this

Mission: To co-inspire self-authored and joyful learning, lifelong.

Vision: The Transformative Learning Foundation is a leading facilitator for wisdom in education, awakening potential for the evolution of our consciousness.