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The Graduate Institute for Transformative Learning nurtures each learner’s authoring of her/his own learning and life within a learning community, through high quality low-residency and distance education.

Design Your Own

Master of Arts Program

With a Focus on Learning, Community, Leadership, and Social Evolution.

“So much of what I have learned has impacted my personal relationships, my professional outlook and abilities, and given me a deeper understanding of who I am.”

“As I engaged with the course materials, I noticed that all topics had immediate relevance in my work and in my life.”

“Being a graduate of the SDGI is meaningful for me on many levels—personally and professionally.”

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Faculty Spotlight – Anne Adams

Faculty Spotlight – Anne Adams

Anne’s main areas of interest are: transformation of individuals, cultures and organizations in business and education; systemic integral education, from conception to high school graduation; developing and integrating the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual intelligences.

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Join Our Virtual Open House – August 26

Join Our Virtual Open House – August 26

Have you thought about returning to school but don’t want to be stuck in a desk listening to lectures? Do you desire an educational environment where your life experiences are validated and your insight is valuable? Do you crave real conversations and to be challenged to become a more authentic you? SelfDesign Graduate Institute can assist you in an experiential journey where you design your higher education! Join our virtual open house to learn more.

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