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Transformative Learning Communities Practitioner and Global Change

As we prepare, live, and emerge a movement, not unlike those of the 1960s and 1970s and of similar potency, practitioners are well positioned to support flourishing and thriving for themselves and their communities. Changes brought to us by the global pandemic and the Black Lives Matter Movement urges us to reconsider how life has been done and urges us to reimagine our future. 

This reimagining requires innovators from all fields and interests – education, the arts, business, etc. skilled at understanding the underlying processes which support leadership, decision making, and learning through the lens of life as a living process. What this means is becoming more aware of who we each are being in ways that help us become more conscious of the present moment. Seeing, being/doing, and embodying as a living process requires sensitivity of several domains to allow emerging wisdom to guide towards harmony, integrity, and our best contributions. These domains explored in our 12 week Orientation Module are:

  1. Presencing/ grounding
  2. What is learning?
  3. Emergence and Relationality 
  4. Human Development and Evolution
  5. Learning as a living system/process 

In the TLCP program, you are not alone, and the learning happens within a small group which we call a cohort. Here there is an invitation of safety and an offer to experience a true sense of belonging, and to explore, uncover, as well as express authenticity. Your truth matters. Community is essential. Our relationships with community is central to approaching life as a living process informing our becoming.   A key distinction about practitioners is the aptitude to learn in community – a key leadership trait for the 21st century. Through this approach, the relationships we are in co-creation with support defining ourselves aided through self reflection and dialogue.  This is a critical skill to being a Transformative Learning Communities Practitioner.

When people look at the current societal upheavals the question is how? How do we solve these problems?

We have to change not only our way of thinking but our way of being

Learning to live in relationship with life as a living process supports us in shifting our way of being/doing.  This is not something learned intellectually but, rather it is to be experienced in our bodies – bodies that historically and generationaly carried wounds. Practitioners become skilled in transformation – the processes of change that often involves a deepening within intuitive inquiries and the shadow work for whole body integration.  This awareness supports equitable and diverse futures through body and mind. This integration is necessary to navigate the uncertainty of the current global changes. Furthermore, our relationship with learning is at the forefront in navigating uncertainty. 

Our focus as practitioners is learning.  Our strengths, curiosities, inquiries, and identities  help emerge a life path that is supportive for ourselves and others. In context to a global movement and shift in planetary self awareness, this is a critical and valuable role to support flourishing for all. It takes time and dedication, and so worth the journey!

The process of becoming a practitioner is not a one day workshop. It’s an approach to lifelong learning. To create this as a habit and a natural way of being, Transformative Learning Foundation offers a 16 month container (with transferable credits to Antioch University’s Individualized Studies  Master’s Program – a program for deeper study)   – supported by  cohorts, mentors, fellow practitioners, and self-directed modules to emerge and strengthen the resiliency of life purpose.  For practitioners, potential doesn’t remain a potential, it is realized through embodiment of mind, body, heart, and spirit. And all within a learning community of care. 

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