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Generative Listening as Your Potentiality

You dear reader, are one instrument in an orchestra, manifested as song. The pulsations of life guiding your walk. How do we determine the nature of our walk?  Generative listening is a way of supporting the ever changing and evolving potentiality of you and community. It assists in navigating the connections between complex relationships and their embodiment. Living as a living system is an integration of cellular reality and galactic reality within your own unique expression.

Complex relationships indeed. Pick your metaphors. 

Within a transformative learning community each member is dedicated to their own learning journey. Personal and community illumination is supported by the deepened state of perception and the co-creative nature generative listening offers. Here we weave our key learnings into the tapestry of life.

Generative listening is purposefully co-creative, expansive, renews, and reaffirms the whole person as part of a living system. Within a learning community it is non-hierarchical.  How then do we practice generative listening? 

  1. Create Space 

Generative listening is not limited to auditory experience, it is a mode of being in which you invite awareness to the plethora of information that feelings and sensorial experiences have to offer.

Feelings are not just quick informational data points. Feelings vibrate, resonate, and linger. They are bells. We must create space for them. Generative listening is characterized by an expansiveness. The process of  sensing and feeling into these “bells” is what creates this space.  Here we are being.  Here, we are embodied. We traverse the landscape of metaphors and practicality in our story of self and community. 

  1. Befriend Ambiguity 

How often do we not know why we are doing something?  How often does a logical next step not become the next step? What occurs when life circumstances leave us disoriented  and subdued? Knowing and not knowing live in intimacy, informing from one moment to the next. Ambiguity is a friend. It informs. It compels us to trust.  Ambiguity lives at home with the inner silences of our being. Witnessing ambiguity in a learning community strengthens the ability to perceive what is at the periphery of our attention. These illuminations are inherently creative.

  1. Invite Authenticity 

How can you meet yourself if not with sincerity? Authenticity is a cornerstone of generative listening. It compels us to return to what is real and meaningful in the moment. It allows us to exist with the spectrum of success and struggle, neither as necessarily good or bad. Authenticity preserves the uniqueness of each person. Within a transformative learning community a culture of belonging supports the individual and the group into the safety required for deeper sincerity.   

Practitioners in transformative learning communities create and live within generative listening environments for themselves and for others in unique and powerful ways.  We create an access point to live as a living system.  As the COVID 19 pandemic has exposed, it is necessary to know oneself within ambiguity and uncertainty. We are  shifting from a globalized world built on decaying systems into a planetary culture. In this transition,  Practitioners  live what  “can’t be taught.” They are embodied and subsequently support the planetary collective wisdom within a transformative learning community.


Image Feature: Sarah Shakeel

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