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Detail Mentor Profile: RENEE BETH POINDEXTER

The Transformative Learning Foundation


Reene Beth Poindexter

Renee Poindexter is the founder of Living the Potential Network, a collaborative of social entrepreneurs interested in designing authentic learning environments. She is a former high school English teacher who discovered the significance of learning in the world of business—over 25 years in a variety of industries—including technology, healthcare, financial services, construction, advertising and public relations, executive search, coaching, and consulting. An accomplished trainer, facilitator, success coach, and organizational consultant, Renee has worked with non-profit organizations, schools, and businesses to facilitate the positive changes needed to fulfill the organizational vision. Her background in continuous improvement has assisted her in designing programs to inspire people to lead with their heads and hearts connected.

Renee is Chair of the SelfDesign Foundation in the United States. She serves as an Advisory Board member with Univera, Inc. and also with Village Home Education Resource Center. She is a mentor with WOVI, Women of Visionary Influence.


Renee lives near

Portland, Oregon


SDGI Courses

Directed study in Conscious Business


Conscious Business
The growing movement of social business entrepreneurs is becoming a powerful player in the national and international economy, providing a new framework that business can do well to do good.

We will review business from an integral perspective: to include examples of “conscious capitalism,” where the reorientation of business focused solely on the pursuit of profits to one focused on core values of integrity, serving all stakeholders to include employees, suppliers, customers, investors, the community and the world at large.





Professional Development

  • Certification in Neurolinguistics
  • Graduate of Taylor Protocols-Core Value Index
  • Facilitator for Stephen Covey’s First Things First
  • Graduate of Erikson School of Coaching
  • TQM Training- Tom Crosby-Quality Model
  • Empowerment Technology Corporation-Certified Trainer
  • Graduate-Persuasive Communication
  • Graduate-Win-Win Negotiation Skills
  • Graduate-Financial Management for Non-Financial Managers- American Management Association

Core Values Index

Take a significant step in learning more about yourself and how you can be more effective in both your personal and professional relationships.

The CVI Index test is revolutionary human assessment that provides a description of the innate, unchanging nature of an individual, which is different from personality and behavioural based assessments. This test bypasses personality and behaviour, revealing your unchanging motivational drivers and sense for how you are wired to contribute to the world around you.

With over 94% repeat score reliability, business and organizations have been using the CVI to increase performance and profitability because it helps them put the right people in the right seat, doing the right work.

Benefits of the test

  • New level of self-awareness, allowing you to tap into your highest and best self
  • Greater access and leverage of your innate strengths and capacities
  • Achieve more satisfying outcomes and results in your life

The test takes ten minutes or less to complete, and provides a highly accurate and reliable picture of the core motivational drivers of any person, with an instant online report.

There’s no one else in the world like you. The CVI has revealed a new level of understanding of human nature, at the deepest of levels and how the conscious and subconscious mind works. It is the foundation of a new way to achieve what Maslow called, full self-actualization and what we call Core Values consciousness.

Spend less than ten minutes and discover in your profile report:

  • What causes you to conflict with others.
  • What values you base a majority of your decisions on.
  • Why you make the same mistakes over and over.
  • How you can improve your relationships with others.

This assessment is one of the simplest, most versatile tools you can find for improving an individual’s self awareness and awareness of others. If you are an employee, business owner or someone who wants to learn more about your core values, then the next few minutes could positively affect you, your friends and coworkers for years to come.