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Detail Mentor Profile: MARCIA BRAUNDY

The Transformative Learning Foundation


Marcia Braundy

University of British Columbia, Ph.D. 2005

Co-founding Alternative Schools. Construction carpentry to Journey level and beyond. Co-founding non-profit organizations in support of integrating women in trades and technical work. Founder and journalist on IMAGES, Kootenay Women’s Newspaper. Documentarian; digital historian; community economic development work; technical instructor and course developer; integration intervenor, particularly for women in technical work; employment equity consultant; conference organizer. National Coordinator for Women in Trades and Technology National Network and their Industrial Adjustment Service program. Member of British Columbia Provincial Apprenticeship Board, Canadian Labour Market and Productivity Centre Task Force on Apprenticeship, and the Canadian Labour Force Development Board National Apprenticeship Committee. Working for social and economic equality for women.


  • University of British Columbia, M.A. coursework completed 1998
  • Antioch University West, B.A. 1972


Marcia lives in the

Kootenay region of British Columbia, Canada.


Publications/Presentations/Professional Projects

  • Braundy, M. (2011) Men & Women and Tools: Bridging the Divide. Fernwood Press
  • Braundy, M. (2004) “What Have They Done to Dewey? Technological Literacy: Past, Present and Future.” Journal of Industrial Teacher Education. Volume 41, Number 2, Summer.
    Group Ecology of Ideas Conference, Asilomar, 2012
  • Braundy, M. (1997) Orientation to Trades and Technology – A Curriculum Guide and Resource Book with a Special Emphasis on the Needs of Women. Burnaby, B.C.: Province of B.C. Queen’s Printer.
  • Rexe, D., Braundy, M., Sarenac, I., Morrison, D., & Aliyargadeh, G. (1996). Equity In Apprenticeship Resource Kit. Burnaby, B.C: Ministry of Labour/
  • Braundy, M., Ching, H. & Patterson, J. (1993) Winning With Women in Trades, Technology, Science and Engineering. Ottawa: National Advisory Board on Science and Technology
  • Braundy, M (Ed) (1989) Surviving and Thriving – Women in Trades and Technology and Employment Equity. Winlaw, B.C.: Kootenay WITT