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Detail Mentor Profile: KAREN LECKIE

The Transformative Learning Foundation


Karen Leckie

American University M.S.O.D. 2010

Karen Leckie is an organizational development consultant, agent of change and breakthrough coach. She has a 22 year history of working in the professional training & coaching industry. She is skilled in Executive Development, Management, Business Development, Appreciative Inquiry, and Organizational Development. Karen is a strong education professional with a MSOD – Masters of Science of Organization Development with Distinction from American University, a Bachelor of Education from University of Toronto, a Bachelor of Engineering from McMaster University and Principal’s Qualifications from the Ontario Principals’ Council.


  • American University M.S.O.D. 2010
  • University of Toronto, B.Ed. 1997
  • McMaster University, B.Eng. 1994


Main Interest 

Interdisciplinary Learning, Appreciative Inquiry, Self Development, Group Processes and Organization Development


Highlights of Qualifications

  • Certified Dream Launch Coach, working on a team with owner, Maribel Jimenez, serving Entrepreneurs, Coaches, and Consultants teaching how to launch to 6 & 7 figures with successful product and program launches.
  • Data Science Instructor at Blyth Academy Online
  • Content Creator for YouTube channel
  • Implemented SuccessFactors Performance Management & Succession for 6000 employees.
  • Developed and launched new program in a dynamic start-up company with 3 locations.
  • Acting Principal of an online school for 200 learning consultants serving 2000 families.
  • Trained 40+ employees in claims administration in the largest class action in Canada.
  • Delivered a 94% increase in daily accountability software in the Faculty Success Program serving 120 academic institutions & saved NCFDD $20,000 in 1 year of operating expenses.


Course #1 – TL 539 – Appreciative Inquiry Foundations

Appreciative Inquiry is recognized worldwide as a revolutionary process for high engagement positive change. In this Appreciative Inquiry Foundations course, you will learn how AI has been successfully used for organization culture change, strategic planning and community development.

Karen will guide you through the foundational steps of “how to do Appreciative Inquiry.” Learners will be provided with an overview of the theory, principles and research related to AI, along with a deep and thorough grounding in its practices.

Course objectives:

Learners will learn to design and facilitate key steps in the Appreciative Inquiry process including crafting and conducting appreciative interviews, making meaning of narrative data, envisioning and enacting positive futures, drafting provocative propositions and supporting innovation teams. By the end of the course, learners will have a focused plan for using AI to create positive change in their organization or community.


Course #2 – Appreciative Inquiry Leadership

Appreciative Inquiry has become one of the most popular new management tools in business today. Its premise is simple yet profound: Instead of focusing on what’s wrong in organizations, learn about and build upon what works. Appreciative Leadership is a positive approach to leadership that brings out the best in everyone.

Karen will guide you through practical and proven techniques for leadership, demonstrating how to get results with “positive power”. All you need are the five “I’s”: Inquiry, Illumination, Inclusion, Inspiration and Integrity. This revolutionary approach brings people together, drives organizations forward and takes your leadership skills to a whole new level.

Course objectives:

Learners will build on the Appreciative Inquiry Foundations course and take their knowledge to the next level by becoming an Appreciative Leader. Learners will focus on what works to drive winning performance and build a thriving organization. By the end of the course, learners will have a focused plan for using AI to grow as a leader in their personal or professional lives.

Directed Studies / Thesis Advisor:

Karen utilizes her expertise in Directed Studies and being a Thesis Advisor with GIFT-L learners in a collaborative and co-creative manner. Email Karen at [email protected] for more details.


Karen Leckie: Co-Authored in Best-Selling Books

The Superwoman Entrepreneur: How to Turn Your Breakdowns into Breakthroughs to Live a Life of Peace, Play, & Prosperity, with Maribel Jimenez (Chapter Feature)
September, 2019

When you tap into who you are—your unique strengths and the gifts you have—and allow yourself to have what your heart desires, life is peaceful, playful, and prosperous. There’s nothing you can’t do.

The New Superwoman Entrepreneur Way is focused on practices to restore feminine power, honor gifts, and tap into what makes women unique. In this book, you will discover a collection of breakthrough stories, tools, rituals, guidance and resources from women all over the world who are living their lives full out in the Superwoman Way.

Amazon #1 Bestseller in Women in Business and Entrepreneurship


Love and Coaching: Understanding Men and Women in Life Love and Business, (Chapter Feature)
March 2017

John Gray, the author of the world renowned book “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus” has certified coaches in 34 countries and 14 of them, including John, have co-authored this book to describe how Mars Venus Coaches are different then regular coaches, helping to understand how men and women are different in the coaching arena and how it has helped our clients’ success in Life, Relationships and in Business.

Karen’s story – Page 53


Succeeding Against All Odds Book (Chapter Feature)

August 2013

Succeeding Against All Odds uncovers the unexpected insights, advantages and blessings that can be gained when you embrace seemingly insurmountable challenges.  Entrepreneurs, business owners and corporate professionals share their true “underdog” stories and the keys to their success.

Amazon #1 Bestseller in Motivation & Self-improvement, Work-life Balance & Business Life, #3 Bestseller in Movers & Shakers, Business & Investing.

Karen’s story – Page 199


Appreciative Inquiry: Change at the Speed of Imagination (Practicing Organization Development, Vol. 35) (Chapter Feature)

April 2011

“Appreciative Inquiry: Change at the Speed of Imagination” with Jane Magruder Watkins, Bernard J. Mohr and Ralph Kelly in Case Study: Building Momentum for Sustainable Changes in Education by Sue Derby, Maureen McKenna, Karen Leckie and Nancy Nightingale in a chapter about jPod, a facilitated learning program based on Appreciative Inquiry that she co-founded with her then principal in a local Toronto high school.

Karen’s story – Page 259


Ontario Principals’ Council Magazine in “Transforming High Schools”

Online Publication, 2009


Dynamiser L’organisation avec la Démarche Appréciative

September 2007 (Chapter Feature)

Dans la vie, il y a ceux qui voient le verre à moitié plein et ceux qui le voient à moitié vide. Pierre-Claude Élie appartient sans hésiter au premier groupe. Ce parti pris – qui l’incite à voir l’aspect positif de toute situation – l’a amené à s’intéresser à la démarche appréciative, une approche systémique qui met l’accent sur les forces des organisations et des personnes, et non sur la recherche de problèmes.

Selon l’auteur, le fait pour les gestionnaires de ne voir que les problèmes peut engendrer une foule de conséquences fâcheuses qui vont même jusqu’à voir des problèmes là où il n’y en a pas!

On y retrouve le profil-type et les qualités des leaders qui appliquent cette approche en incitant leurs employés à entrer dans leur zone d’excellence.