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Detail Mentor Profile: JENNIE OLIVER

The Transformative Learning Foundation


Jennie Oliver

Argosy University-Hawaii, D.B.A.

My commitment to lifelong learning and self-development has opened doors for interesting experiences and adventures. Inspired by this commitment, I am residing in Hawaii with my beautiful family where I feel blessed to continually write a new chapter in my life filled with enthralling stories. Having been born and raised in South Korea, I am deeply intrigued by how cultural competence plays its part in second language acquisition. As much as we are aware of the relationship between language and culture, I feel that there is so much more of this story waiting to be told.

Based on my educational background in organizational leadership and business administration, I am also equally interested in sustainable business and social responsibility. Having worked in various fields, such as education, business, and publishing, just to name a few, I’ve found that my diverse background has only highlighted the importance of these movements within a variety of pursuits within the ever-expanding areas comprising the professional world. I believe that the core purpose of education should be reflected in human interactions through conscious and mindful leadership.

I am comfortable with both synchronous and asynchronous learning environments. I would like to offer mentorship to individuals who wish to improve their life and pursue lifelong learning while keeping home, work, and school in balance. As a research mentor, I enjoy providing guidance and support to learners so that they can successfully complete their research projects. Besides producing two of my own dissertations, I have mentored over 10 dissertation students.


  • Argosy University-Hawaii, Ed.D.
  • Argosy University-Hawaii, MBA
  • American InterContinental University, M.Ed.
  • American InterContinental University, B.S.B.A.
  • Lean Six Sigma Black Belt


4-253 Kaipapau Loop, Honolulu, Hawaii 96717
[email protected]
(808) 372-4358 (call or text)



Main Interest

Lean Six Sigma, Continuous Improvement, Theory of Constraints, Systems thinking, Second Language Acquisition, Self-directed Learning, Cultural Competence, ESL, Adult Learning/Andragogy, Organizational Leadership, Ethics, Sustainability, Operations Management, Globalization, Management, Marketing

Home – Wonder – Beginning


SDGI Courses

SD 505: An Intentional Heuristic Approach to Learning German (3 credits) Fall Semester 2014

In this course, we explore our ideas and cultural influences about childhood, learning, parenting, and being part of the self-designing community that challenge us first to notice our being in relationship with ourselves and bring to our awareness, ways of being that we might simply want to be more aware of – be it to change in any way or not. We place ourselves at the center of our own learning and, by doing so, prepare our psyche to accompany a child from a place of resonance, empathy, and possibility of what life is and can be for him/her. In the process, we are able to recognize and step in to places of our core being that lead to acknowledgement and healing. By consciously noticing where we can deepen our sense of self, versus patterns we might have taken on as a result of our culture at large, we are in praxis of self-designing.


Publications/Presentations/Professional Projects

  • Academic:
    Dissertation – Narrative Inquiry into Quality: An Exploration of Quality Development in South Korea (Argosy University-Hawaii, 2017)
    Dissertation – Heuristic Inquiry into Second Language Acquisition and Cultural Competence (Argosy University-Hawaii, 2012)
  • Non-academic:
    Book Anthology – There is no Cholera in Zimbabwe (Black & Blue: A Faulty Education, Aignos Publishing, 2013)
  • Academic Manuscripts Submitted for Publication:
    Applying Lean Six Sigma to Grading Process Improvement (Co-authors: Dr. Zachary Oliver & Dr. Charles Chen) – International Journal of Lean Six Sigma hosted by Emerald InsightLighting a Beacon: A Korean Approach to Macro-Level Quality Development (Co-authors: Dr. Zachary Oliver & Dr. Charles Chen) – Public Administration hosted by John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.
  • Editing/Production:
    Editor – The Letters, Buz Sawyers (Aignos Publishing, 2014)
    Editor – John Doe, Buz Sawyers (Aignos Publishing, 2013)
    Editor – Shutterbug, Buz Sawyers (Savant Books and Publications, 2012)
    Editor – Keys in the River, Tendai Mwanaka (Savant Books and Publications, 2012)