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Detail Mentor Profile: DANIEL KIRKPATRICK

The Transformative Learning Foundation


Daniel Kirkpatrick

Antioch University Seattle, M.A. 1990

Co-founder and Executive Director of Explorations Academy in Bellingham, Washington, an independent high school now in its 21st year. A father of three, he has worked in construction, fought forest fires, and led wilderness and mountaineering expeditions. He has taught at many levels from 4th grade through college, including teaching classes and seminars for three colleges. Daniel also works as an educational consultant, specializing in experiential program development and human relations training for schools, school districts, and public agencies.

Explorations Academy emphasizes education that is Personal, Social and Global.

Personal: “I love that Explorations provides an open, caring, supportive, kind and inclusive environment that allows my child to express his wonderful personality without judgment.” – Parent
Attend small classes, work with supportive faculty and staff that know you by name and face, and realize your full academic and social potential.

Social: “I value this school like my home. It makes me feel whole and comfortable. I am glad that I am able to be a part of the big Explorations family and appreciate everything that makes it possible.” – Student

Our thriving school community consists not only of our impressive students, but of our enthusiastic staff, equally enthusiastic family members, dedicated volunteers, and incredibly generous donors. Explorations Academy also frequently participates in both local and international service projects, which allows students to cultivate a sense of global citizenship and environmental stewardship.

Global: “Without Explorations I would never have met with Buddhist monks, or gone on a two-day trek through a rainforest.” – Student

Explorations Academy is a fully-accredited independent high school in Bellingham, Washington. Students at Explorations Academy travel internationally, trek in the backcountry of our beautiful region, and develop independent study, among other things.


  • Western Washington University, B.S. 1981



Main Interests/Focus Areas

Bellingham, Washington


SDGI Courses

PM 512 Leading and Sustaining an Independent Post-Modern High School (3 credits)

Learners in this course explore the complex ecology of leadership and sustenance required to lead a creative, successful independent post-modern high school. Topics for exploration and consideration will include the following: faculty hiring, development, and supervision; board relationships; program structuring and curriculum development; program assessment; student recruitment and retention; fundraising; school facilities; and creating and leading a school culture and community that learns, evolves, and innovates.

In the Media 


Publications/Presentations/Professional Projects

  • Forsythe, Kathleen: Recursion in Language and Learning: What Autism teaches us about Praxis, Paper given to the ASC Bateson Group Ecology of Ideas Conference, Asilomar, 2012
  • Forsythe, Kathleen- and Madeline Von Foerster: Poetry and Art Performance, ASC Bateson
    Group Ecology of Ideas Conference, Asilomar, 2012
  • Forsythe, Kathleen: SelfDesign, presentations given to several universities in Poland, 2009 and
  • Forsythe, Kathleen – Cathedrals of the Heart: Towards a Caring Economy – First Conference on Systemic Management , Institute for Systemic Coaching , Vienna, Austria, May, 2001
  • Forsythe , Kathleen – Evil and Ethics Revisited, American Society for Cybernetics, July, 2000
  • Forsythe, Kathleen – We Have Only One Home: Environmental Justice and the Future of Hope, World Congress on Systems and Cybernetics, Toronto, July, 2000
  • Bunnell, P. and K. Forsythe, 1999 The Chain of Hearts: Teaching the Biology of Love, Proceedings of the BodyMind Conference, Vancouver, in prepublication.
  • Bunnell, P. and K. Forsythe, 1999 Intelligence Arises in Relationship, International Society for Systems Science, Asilomar
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  • Bunnell, P. and K. Forsythe. 1995. Coversaation and Creativity in the Development of a CD-ROM Game. Invited paper. American Society of Cybernetics Conference, Chicago.
  • Bunnell, P. and K. Forsythe. 1995. Design for a People’s Earth Monitoring System, prepared for the Earth Council. Vancouver, BC.
  • Designs for Wonder: Tools for Conceptualization- Paper given to the National School Board Association Conference, Dallas, 1990
  • The Natural Way of Learning and Technology, Paper given at the NCCE Conference, Portland, Oregon, April, 1991


  • First Solo Art Exhibit: Autogeography: Maps of the Infinite Interior, May-August, 2006, Full Bloom Flowers Gallery, Commercial Drive, Vancouver
  • ArtSPacific Show: three juried paintings Delta Arts Council, April 2013

Floortime Training

  • Floortime Advanced: Interdisciplinary Council on Development and Learning September 2014
  • Floortime Basic: Interdisciplinary Council on Development and Learning July 2013
  • Floortime Intermediate: Interdisciplinary Council on Development and Learning January 2013