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Detail Mentor Profile: ANNE ADAMS

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Anne Adams

I have worked with many Fortune 500 companies and educational institutions both nationally and internationally for more than 30 years. I have designed, co-created, and led individual, cultural, and organizational transformation programs through integrating many diverse methodologies and philosophies in deep, systemic, transformation initiatives—for individuals, teams, corporations, professional groups, and educational institutions. I have been a teacher, school director, university instructor, a manager in an international educational corporation, and a business consultant to both large and small corporations.

My expertise in Individual, Cultural, Organizational Transformation (ICOT) is more easily contributed to people by integrating transformative practices, e.g. The Cultural Audit, The Power of Language to Create Reality, The World Café, and Appreciative Inquiry. My dissertation was entitled Education: From Conception to Graduation—A Systemic, Integral Approach.


  • California Institute of Integral Studies, Ph.D. 2005
  • University of Michigan, Educational Psychology, M.A. 1971
  • University of Michigan, Clinical Psychology, B.A. 1968


Main Interests/Focus Areas

Transformation of individuals, cultures, and organizations in business and education; Systemic Integral Education, From Conception to High School Graduation; Developing and integrating the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual intelligence.

Anne lives in Half Moon Bay, CA


Personal Statement

I love to “practice” my own expression of integral living. It is the journey of a lifetime. I am committed to sharing that journey with others….supporting people in their own exploration of their own “self design”. I love yoga, biking, hiking, meditation, and most of all providing experience, expertise and exploration to others.

SDGI Courses

  • SD 504 Directed Studies: Integral Leadership for Sustainable Business
  • SD 504 Directed Studies: An Introduction to the Psychology of Creativity
  • Thesis Guidance: Cultivating the Value of Inner Work: Growing into Integral Education

Residency Presentations

  • Self-Design through Speaking and Listening
  • Essentials of the Appreciative Inquiry
  • World Café: Creating a Learning Community


Recordings of past SDGI webinars

  • Self-Designing through Integral Education: February 22, 2015



Education for Wisdom:

Websites of interest

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