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Detail Mentor Profile: BARBARAH NICOLL

The Transformative Learning Foundation


Barbarah Nicoll

Athabasca University, MA 2006
St. Francis Xavier University Ph.D. Applicant Educational Studies

Barbarah is a mentor and educator of teachers, youth and graduate learners, and initiator of innovative businesses, community projects, and facilitators of workshops, seminars, events, and training. Passionate about human development and the arising of heart thinking, Barbarah engages with the arts, including expressive arts, the art of Goethe conversation and social eurythmy, to build inner strength and resiliency for meeting the challenges of living with developing consciousness in our times.


  • Liberating Structures Training 2019
  • Unarmed Civilian Peacekeeping Training, Selkirk College 2019
  • Social Eurythmy Certificate, Auriel Eurythmy 2018
  • Improvisation for the Classroom Teacher Training, Wisconsin Games Centre 2007
  • Waldorf High School Teacher certification 2000
  • The Art of Facilitation Training, Alpha Institute 2002
  • Open Learning University, Bachelor of General Studies, 2001
  • Expressive Arts Institute, Expressive Arts Training with Natalie Rogers Level I – III, 1994
  • Youth Development Diploma, Grant MacEwan College 1979



 Barbarah is a mentor and educator of teachers

Main Interest

Main Interests/Focus Areas

Human Beingness and development, conversation, co-mentoring to revolutionize educational institutions, organizational health and wellness, creation of and engagement with meaningful learning for youth, adults and seniors, exploring the growth of empathy as a path of development in practical ways, poetry making and storytelling as transformational arts, life as liminal space.


Publications/Presentations/Professional Projects