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Our facilitators are mentors

The Transformative Learning Foundation offers learners an opportunity to work with gifted and visionary facilitators from the U.S., Canada, and Asia.

Inspired as leaders, scholars and innovators, each is deeply committed to their own research, while serving with equal dedication as mentors for our learners.


Anne Adams

  • California Institute of Integral Studies, Ph.D. 2005
  • University of Michigan, Educational Psychology, M.A. 1971
  • University of Michigan, Clinical Psychology, B.A. 1968

Main Interests:
Transformation of individuals, cultures and organizations in business and education



Peter Berg

  • Walden University, Ed.D. 2013

Main Interests:
Educational leadership, holistic health, alternative schools



Marcia Braundy

  • University of British Columbia, Ph.D. 2005

Main Interests:
Apprenticeships integrating women in trades and technical work documentarian and digital historian community economic development work



Pille Bunnell

  • University of California, Berkeley, Ph.D. 1973.

Main Interests:
System, ecology, cybernetics, love, epistemology



Mali Burgess

  • The Union Institute and University Ph.D. 2004
  • Princeton University B.A. 1975

Main Interests:
Education, creative awareness, integral and healing arts, subtle energy systems, geometric dynamics, creative and visionary processes



Elaine Decker

  • University of British Columbia, Ph.D. 2004

Main Interests:
Comedy, pedagogy, curiosity/wonder/joy



Kathleen Forsythe

  • Council of Autonomous Scholarly Support
  • Doctor of Knowledge Architecture, 2001

Main Interests:
Knowledge architecture, SelfDesign, Observing for learning



Paul Freedman

  • Goddard College, M.A. 2008

Main Interests:
Holistic education, Founding and sustaining independent K-12 schools and non- schools, Integrating theory and philosophy with practice within K-12 education



Jeanne Marie Iorio

  • Teachers College, Columbia University, Ed.D. 2007

Main Interests:
Child-initiated learning, Reggio Emilia schools, arts-based research, building sustainable communities



Daniel Kirkpatrick

  • Antioch University Seattle, M.A. 1990

Main Interests:
Experiential learning, independent post-modern high school, school founding and leadership



Karen Leckie

  • American University M.S. OD 2010
  • University of Toronto, B.Ed.1997
  • McMaster University, B.Eng. 1994

Main Interests:
Interdisciplinary Learning, Appreciative Inquiry, Self Development, Group Processes and Organization Development



Sam M. Crowell, Jr.

  • University of Virginia, Ed.D. 1992
  • Radford University, M.S.
  • Carson-Newman College, B.A.

Main Interests:
Education for Sustainable Development, Instructional Leadership in Higher Education, Brain-Based Learning Principles, Meaning-Centered Curriculum, Integrated Curriculum,  Holistic Education.



Teresita Tubianosa

  • University of British Columbia, Ph.D. 2000

Main Interests:
Intercultural dimensions of learning, school leadership, teacher conversations for teacher personal and professional growth



Ba Luvmour

  • M.A. Psychology, Sonoma State University. 1984
  • Temple University, B.A., Political Science, 1968

Main Interests:

  • Holistic education
  • Consciousness of the developing child
  • Natural Learning Relationships holistic child development
  • Children and social justice
  • Spirituality in the developing child and the inherent wisdom in children
  • Rites of Passage
  • Essential importance of relationship for all learning



Josette Luvmour

  • Fielding Graduate University. Ph.D. Human Development. 2008.

Main Interests

  • Evolution of consciousness throughout childhood
  • How adult and child grow together
  • Natural Learning Relationships holistic child development
  • Emergent wisdom in the family context
  • Creating School Culture of meaning and inspiration



David Marshak

  • Harvard University, Ed.D. 1985.

Main Interests:
Evolutionary Parenting, Evolution of Consciousness, Adolescent Development



Michael Maser

  • Simon Fraser University M.A. 1997
  • Ph.D. candidate Simon Fraser University, 2017-

Main Interests:
Personalized holistic learning, SelfDesigning, Neurobiology of learning



Chris Mercogliano

Main Interests:
Democratically-run, free-school education, Founding and sustaining independent K-12 schools and non- schools



River Meyer

  • University of Northern Colorado, M.A. 1976
  • University of Minnesota, B.A. 1970

Main Interests:
SelfDesign philosophy, methodology, and praxis, SelfDesign conscious parenting, Educational consulting with families and educators



Jennie Oliver

  • Argosy University-Hawaii, D.B.A.
  • Argosy University-Hawaii, Ed.D.

Main Interests:
Lean Six Sigma, Continuous Improvement, Theory of Constraints, Systems thinking, Second Language Acquisition, Self-directed Learning, Cultural Competence



Zachary Oliver

  • Argosy University/Hawaii, Ed.D. 2009

Main Interests:
Student-centric learning environments, multiple intelligences and transformative learning, educational leadership



Renee Beth Poindexter

Living the Potential: Engaging the Wisdom of Our Youth to Save the World. Living the Potential Network Founder

Main Interests:
Authentic learning environments, entrepreneurship, conscious business, Facilitating leadership



Lucila Rudge

  • Ohio State University, Ph.D. Education, 2008

Main Interests:
Alternative approaches to schooling, social and emotional learning, holistic pedagogy, contemplative practices in education, culturally relevant pedagogy, and international education.



Laurel Tien

  • MA (University of British Columbia, Curriculum Studies), 2001
  • MA (SelfDesign), 2016
  • PhD (c) (CA Institute of Integral Studies, Transformative Studies), 2019

Main Interests:
Transformational learning, Contemplative Inquiry, enactment of participatory worldview.



Annie Smith

  • University of British Columbia, Ph.D. 2007

Main Interests:
Indigenous Performance, Participatory Learning through Drama, Spectatorship



Prapanna Smith

  • University of California, San Diego and California State University,
    Joint Doctorate Program, Ed.D. 2010

Main Interests:
Integral education, independent school founding and leadingSri Aurobindo International Center for Education



Anna Soter

  • University of Illinois, Ph.D. (Education) 1985

Main Interests:
Language and discourse analysis, holistic education, poetry



Beth Sutton

  • Antioch University, New England, M.Ed. 1990

Main Interests:
Enki Education, developmental-immersion mastery, arts-integrated learning, multicultural education, holistic education, Exploring the educational ecosystem



Fleurette Sweeney

  • University of British Columbia, Ph.D. (Education), 2002

Main Interests:
Education and learning, the effect of social play and movement on learning, the connection between singing and speaking, economy of place as antidote to globalization, inter-cultural relations



Jonathan Taylor

  • Rutgers University, Ph.D. 1970

Main Interests:
Design with nature, learning communities, the transformative power of the ‘New Story’



Barbarah Nicoll

  • Athabasca University, MA 2006
  • St. Francis Xavier University Ph.D. Applicant Educational Studies

Main Interests:
Human Beingness and development, conversation, co-mentoring to revolutionize educational institutions, organizational health, and wellness, read more…