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Education changemakers invited to test the new evolution of the learning community model

The Transformative Learning Foundation (the same foundation that guides GIFTLearning) is launching the new Practitioner Certificate in Transformative Learning Communities. The learning community model emerged with our learners and faculty over the past eight years as we practiced what it means to become a self-renewing learning community of care. As we take stock on what has been planted, seeded, cultivated and now cross-pollinating, several of our alumni have taken the learning they have designed with mentors in our model, and have created unique holistic learning communities in seven locations around the world: Beijing, Frankfurt, Sao Paulo, Winnipeg, New Zealand, British Columbia, and Austin.

Now we are attracting our first cohort to leverage what we have learned and evolve to the next level—leading the movement of learning communities. And we understand the idea of a grass-roots movement: it starts with a few early adopters who will work with us to test the evolution of the learning community model.

Our first cohort will experience an 18-month program—where you choose your mentor, your workshops and capstone project/experience. You add to your portfolio as you journey through the program, culminating the program by choosing a practice experience and/or capstone project. You have the opportunity to explore your own curiosity, answer your own questions, and follow your own enthusiasms—within our learning community.

  • Course Dates: October 2019 – May 2021: Weekly Group Sessions PLUS Monthly Individual Sessions with Mentor
  • Location: Online in real-time by videoconference, in 1:1 and group sessions
  • Cost: $8100—may be paid in monthly installments of $450. A small number of scholarships, discounts for professional associates, and work-trades are available each year.

What we know for certain is that this is a leadership program centered on paradigm-shifting relationships for social change in education. The first cohort, leaders in their own right, will be instrumental in the development of the model that up until now has been our map. We would like to expand that map to a territory conversation. To do that, we invite the integral heart-centered changemakers to be our early adopters and actual-co-generators to facilitate learning communities forward into the world as an obvious choice for learning-for-life.

Would you be interested in becoming a Certified Transformative Learning Communities (TLC) Practitioner? Contact Laurel at, via our toll-free phone number 1(855) 966-3379 (phone/text) or by choosing a video-conferencing time that works for you HERE.

Photo credit: Michael Maser. Photo includes mentor Fleurette Sweeney (center) and two learners, residency.

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