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In celebration of education pioneer Fleurette Sweeney reaching her 90th birthday milestone, the Transformative Learning Foundation launches a 90 for $90 scholarship fundraising campaign to support emergent learners on their transformative journey.

“We are inviting 90 people each to donate $90,” says Renee Beth Poindexter, Chair of the Transformative Learning Foundation. “All of the funds raised will go towards the TLF scholarship fund. For some, continued education is financially out of reach. This fund helps break that barrier. Through support, Fleurette became a pioneer in education. And providing a financially supportive nudge, who knows where that will lead?”

The scholarship funds raised through this campaign will support learners on their emergent and often transformative journeys.

Fleurette Sweeney, born in 1929, laughing references herself as a “depression baby,” although nothing can be further from the truth. Through a life of music and song-games, Fleurette has brought the joy of song, language, and learning to thousands, young and older.

Fleurette deeply understands the importance of being supported while seeking educational growth. Together with Mary Helen Richards (the founder of Education Through Music, or ETM), Fleurette traveled to Hungary in 1967 to learn more about the unique ideas of Zoltán Kodály, Hungarian composer and music educator. This trip (and their continued efforts to change the shape of education) was only possible because each woman was supported. These two developed and taught ETM at universities and school districts throughout the US, Canada, and Japan.

Mary Helen Richards (who died in 1998) went on to create the Richards Institute of Education and Research; Fleurette went on to create the Living Language Institute Foundation. Their combined and separate accomplishments have enriched countless lives.

The Transformative Learning Foundation, which proudly features Fleurette Sweeney among our talented faculty mentors, continues the journey of exploring emergent models of learning.

“Fleurette at 90 still considers herself a learner,” observes Poindexter. “Learning is fluid, a journey of transformation and change. We are honored to showcase Fleurette’s life-long-learning journey and the impact an individual can make when they self-determine their search for knowledge while being supported by a community of care.

“Our passion at the Foundation is to nurture each learner’s authoring of their own learning and life within a learning community. Learners include change-makers, leaders, entrepreneurs, parents, artists, and all who value life-long-learning as a process of continually nurturing one’s inner strengths and abilities.”

To participate in the 90-for-90 campaign and add your name to the growing list of contributors, please visit Donations are tax-deductible, and payments are made on a secure server.

To learn more about Fleurette Sweeney, read her story online at


About the Transformative Learning Foundation: The Transformative Learning Foundation (TLF) provides governance to the Graduate Institute for Transformative Learning (GIFTLearning), which confers Master of Arts degrees. The Foundation’s larger vision includes lifelong learning through certificate and intergenerational learning for life programs. The concept of learning relationships in community—where wisdom knows no age—creates meaningful engagements that can positively impact the world in which we live together.

  • The Graduate Institute for Transformative Learning, or GIFTLearning, is a unique learning community, where both the learners and the faculty are committed to the integrity and capacity of each human being to design their own learning—and life. We hold those commitments deeply, because we believe that the more that human beings can discover and enact their own life designs and purposes, the more they will be able to contribute to the creation of a peaceful, sustainable global society on this planet.
  • TLF Certificate Programs provides courses delivered by our GIFTLearning faculty for teachers, administrators, conscious business leaders and social change advocates. These programs provide professional and personal development programs to those who are interested in personalized learning within a learning community.
  • Multi-generational Learning for Life programs are designed to include Elders and “Elders in Training,” who want to grow into the Elders the world needs at this time.

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