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Dear 21st Century Learner…

Dear 21st Century Learner,

We can do this. We can co-create learning that answers the uncertainties and anxieties of our time. The Transformative Learning Foundation has spent developing learning platforms that center on your interests, lead to accredited MA through Antioch University and respected certificates through the Foundation.

This learning, facilitated by an intergenerational cohort of mentors who have dedicated their lives to create opportunities that bring forth our innate capacities to make meaningful and productive decisions, and how we can live together, learn together, and grow our capacity to successfully evolve as a collective. And we can do this while developing the skills and insights that portend a secure future.

This synchronous online program is now available within a 16- month container called the TLC Professional Practitioner program. The appeal of this Practitioner program is the insight and empowerment with which it enriches in our personal lives—children, families, marketable skills—and our social world — schools, organizations and businesses to bring forward learning processes for our ever- changing fast-paced emerging world. 

We are aligned with Antioch University’s Individual MA program under their Social Science umbrella with a concentration called-Transformative Learning Community (TLC). 9 credits from the TLC Practitioner Program can be applied.

In the Practitioners program, Each learner has a personal portfolio mentor through the full program. You and your mentor explore the learning map within the Core program. Together, you choose the learning modules that add skills, meaning, and self-understanding, and are applicable to your personal life and professional interests. 

The program offerings are inspiring. The facilitators are knowledgeable and supportive. Transformative Learning Foundation (TLF) process and courses build an environment of inclusion within a learning community, Participants discover and embody learning goals and professional direction through accessible facilitators and mentors with whole person integrity. This learning community models how transformative learning offerings lead to a harmonious and peaceful world. Examples of TLF learning communities can be found in Winnipeg, Austin, Sao Paulo, Germany, Bali, Beijing, and New Zealand.

If you are seeking a place where there is insightful and actionable learning that nurtures, supports, and deepens your personal and professional life, where social activists, social entrepreneurs, civic leaders, conscientious business people, forward thinking teachers and administrators live and lead a better world, then check out our blog, our facebook page, our cafe conversations every Sunday. Or call or email to schedule to meet on Zoom and explore how we can grow together.

Our next cohorts are taking applications. Contact us: call 1 (855) 966-3379 or email us at [email protected]

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