90-for-90's Generous Donors: Thank you!

Thank you to these generous donors!

The following donors have generously committed to participating in the Fleurette Sweeney 90-for-90 scholarship fundraising campaign. Their donations make continuing education more affordable to other learners, and that makes a big difference. Thank you!

Supporting learners in their transformative learning communities helps make education more widely accessible.
Your donation helps a learner flourish. For many, your support has made a significant difference. Thank you!
If you have donated and want your name added, please email info@tlcommunity.org and ask to be included on this list.
You can be listed by name (Firstname Lastname), by initials (Firstname L., or F. Lastname, or F.L.),
or by Pseudonym (eg Changemaking Catalyst), as you wish.
If you haven’t yet donated but want to, click here!