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Emergence and Education

. . . to surpass the given and look at things as if they could be otherwise. Maxine Greene   Given all the curricular expectations placed upon educators, how do... Continue Reading

The Development of Resilience

Let’s face it; these are stressful times with stay-home quarantine and COVID 19. Resilience under stressful circumstances is not often easy to come by. Many parents feel that their own... Continue Reading

Natural Learning Relationships

Natural Learning Relationships (NLR) describes in detail the psychological, emotional, and physical components of optimal well-being and how these emerge within each stage of childhood in relationship to context. To... Continue Reading

AERO Conference

The way we learn has been undergoing a transformation. Education is critical to bring about a more just, sustainable world. We also know that the education system is in the... Continue Reading

Generative Listening as Your Potentiality

You dear reader, are one instrument in an orchestra, manifested as song. The pulsations of life guiding your walk. How do we determine the nature of our walk?  Generative listening... Continue Reading

Discover: Belonging is Essential

Belonging is a key aspect for the Transformative Learning Community map. The word belonging has many connotations, as in being included, as a part of or aligned with something larger... Continue Reading

Presence and Letting Go

As the Transformative Learning Map points to presence, it offers a deep place to consider. What does Presence mean? “Wherever you go, there you are,” is a saying that reminds... Continue Reading