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Sir Ken Robinson Tribute

Sir Ken Robinson famous quotes

Currently, the global pandemic is forcing schools and families to rethink what schooling is about. Do schools nurture creativity and purpose in children? It’s one of the key questions left... Continue Reading

Dear 21st Century Learner…

Dear 21st Century Learner, We can do this. We can co-create learning that answers the uncertainties and anxieties of our time. The Transformative Learning Foundation has spent developing learning platforms... Continue Reading

A Ritual for Reconciliation

In this time it seems important to continually define what we say  – misapprehension seems to be the norm.  We are members of multiple cultures (family, work, ethnic, socio-economic, racial... Continue Reading

We Must Change

Can you see a multi-racial planetary future? The road to a non-racist future is long. Why transform if not for the well-being of all? In the beginning of 2020, COVID-19... Continue Reading