Earn Microcredentials through the SelfDesign Learning Foundation

Microcredentials. An emerging trend in education. What are they? And why are they becoming increasingly popular choices for adult learners of all ages?

Microcredentials and digital badging are the availability of courses of interest and the granting of credentials such as certificates and licenses for courses of study requiring significantly less commitment than a full or partial post-secondary degree¹.

In a time in which an undergraduate, or even a graduate degree, does not ensure you will be working in your chosen field for a significant number of years, perhaps even your whole career, working adults are looking for more responsive and less expensive options–in terms of both time and financial investment. Freed from the bounds of traditional structures such as university enrollment, parking and in-person attendance, e-learning and online learning choices are blooming, in fields as diverse as casual backyard gardening to highly technical fire and emergency training. Badging offers the portability of credentials and the building of a portfolio that can follow from job to job.

The SelfDesign Foundation (SDF), a US-based 501(c)3 non-profit corporation is a leading facilitator for wisdom in education, awakening potential for the evolution of our consciousness. SDF offers a full spectrum of learning choices, from 12-hr online certificates, to learning academies over several weeks, to a full MA degree.


For learners who want to explore integral, dynamic learning opportunities in a relatively short time frame, SDF offers certificate programs in Special Education, Personalized Learning and Alternative Education.

Learning Academies

Conventional schooling can no longer meet the needs of the future. Personalized Learning—offering options for all people of all ages to thrive—is the future of education. The Personalized Learning Academy is a portal for educators, administrators, families and others to make sense of the Personalized Learning movement – now emerging worldwide as the most important educational opportunity in generations.

SelfDesigning My Elderhood

SelfDesigning My Elderhood is an online program that invites you to engage with the question of what it means to be an elder and explore your own meaning-making and insights.

MA Degree

The SelfDesign Graduate Institute offers an opportunity to design your own Master of Arts degree with a focus on learning, community, leadership and social evolution in a low-residency model with wonderful colleagues and caring mentors. Life-affirming learning from anywhere on the planet!

Stay tuned to the SelfDesign Foundation site — for these and even more revolutionary learning opportunities.

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Darrell Letourneau

Over 30 years as an educator from Kindergarten to Graduate School (classroom teacher, librarian, enrichment/gifted, Ministry of Education curriculum development and assessment, school administrator for both neighborhood and online schools); Founding member of the SelfDesign Learning Community and SelfDesign Graduate Institute, the Nanaimo Chapter of Computing Using Educators of BC, Technology Intensives (web-based workshops for professionals) and Digikids Summer Computer Camps; Founder of a Distributed Learning online elementary school and True North eLearning consulting practice. Currently a faculty member Academic Program Chair for the SelfDesign Graduate Institute as well as Certificate Director and board liaison (to the SelfDesign Learning Community in British Columbia) for the SelfDesign Foundation.

Darrell Letournau