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AERO Conference

The way we learn has been undergoing a transformation.

Education is critical to bring about a more just, sustainable world. We also know that the education system is in the midst of a major change, including issues important to the future of higher education.  

Did you know about our partners at the Alternative Education Resource Organization (AERO); TLF has been working with AERO for over 10 years to nourish transformative learning. AERO’s mission is to make learner-centered, self-directed education accessible to people all over the world. This includes everything from preschool through higher education.  

This year AERO’s international conference, June 25 – 28, 2020, will be completely online for the first time ever. TLF has presented at each of these conferences–the opportunity to be in conversation with people who have the same questions about learning–and what learning can be!– is priceless. 

The conference brings together youth and adults from the spectrum of learner-centered alternatives under one roof.   This is the world’s premier alternative education conference. Innovators in education from all the over will be attending and presenting. 

This year will feature former Boston College professor Peter Gray, an expert of the anthropological roots of play, as one of our Keynote Speakers, Catherine Fraise who has started Workspace Education a cutting edge education center in Connecticut, Minnesota-based public educational alternative pioneers Jo Nathan and Wayne Jennings and Amir Nathoo who is the founder of Also, Laurel Tien and Ashley Neilson will be speaking about the new MA in Transformative Learning Communities at Antioch University, based on the SDGI/GIFTLearning model.

In partnership with AERO, we would like to invite you to be a part of the conference.  AERO has offered special registration rates to any of our TLF community. 

Please contact TLF at [email protected] or AERO directly, [email protected], [email protected] with any questions.

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