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The Transformative Learning Foundation is a unique learning community. We are committed to the integrity and capacity of each person to design their own learning—and life.

We invite you to:

  • Engage in an educational experience that is personal, relational, challenging, and deeply meaningful.
  • Join a cohort of learners sharing a common motivation to learn and grow.
  • Create program that will enable you to explore who you are called to become and what contribution you can make—and a program in which you can begin to create that contribution now, not sometime in the future


  • A program where you design your own learning
  • Experience a program that will offer you access to integral perspectives and insights
  • Learn in a high-quality program that integrates in-person distance learning with learning in short-term Residencies. On line, we converse in person in real time


Talk with the Program Directors

  • Interested in our program and want more information?
  • Have questions about Transformative Learning?
  • Have questions about Transformative Learning Community?
  • Have questions about our programing?
  • Have questions about our scholarships?

Email or call our Toll-free number to set up an appointment to talk with our Program Director. We would like to talk with you.