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Vision, Mission, and Purpose

Our Vision

The Transformative Learning Foundation is a leading facilitator for wisdom in education, awakening potential for the evolution of our consciousness.
Since the beginning of compulsory education, the definition of what learning looks like has become increasingly narrow with each passing decade. In the past 20 years, there has been greater emphasis on compliance, following the prescribed curriculum, direct instruction, and standardized testing.

Our current education system is out of step with the needs of learners and what they must know to be able to develop their gifts and talents to their fullest potential and make meaningful contributions to society.

We create safe learning environments to support transformational learning and deepened self-awareness. Within these containers, previously held patterns and frameworks are unlearned and re-organized into deeper meanings that inform one’s identity and action in the world in new ways. While learning begins with the individual, it is also centered on the understanding that human beings live within webs of living systems: family; community; ethnic, religious, and national groups; humanity; ecological niche, bioregion, and planet. With this understanding, wisdom grows. In the context of learning in community, we access collective wisdom, rejuvenation, and resiliency in support of diversity and equity.

Our Mission

To co-inspire self-authored and joyful learning, lifelong.

Learning as an emergent process is centered on the holistic understanding that we as human beings have the capacity to author our own lives from a place of resourcefulness, creativity, and possibility.

At every step in the life cycle from early childhood to elderhood, we can lead and design our own learning through spirals of discovery, introspection, integration, and expression. 

We know that everyone has a purpose. By becoming intimate with our learning journey we evolve into deeper integrity with who we are and become natural agents of change. Here we embrace our histories, cultural backgrounds, and stories. 

Lifelong learning requires rigorous self-reflection. By harvesting these illuminations lifelong, we are able to respond to our needs and the needs of our relationships from a place of resourcefulness.  When we evaluate our place in the world and with the communities we touch we support actions that fulfill our deepest inquiries.  

As a practice, our self-authorship supports designing a life of meaning. Personal purpose in life is aligned with meaning creation. This has implications for uncovering self- knowledge of our essential nature. It is an emergent developmental contextual view – the learner shapes the context as much as the context influences the learner.

Our Purpose

To nurture the evolution of a more peaceful humanity, living in sustainable ways on the Earth. 

To support equitable futures and a peaceful humanity is to support a relationship with each and the Earth with humility, accountability, and love.

We nurture the process of emergence and becoming as key aspects of personal and collective evolution. These emergent processes engender trust, love, and authentic community.

The heart or root values that guide this process are contained in an understanding of wholeness, interconnectedness, and human development within an inner field of knowing. While doing so, difference within our interconnectedness supports the plurality needed to live in a planetary earth community living in sustainable ways.