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Transformative Learning Communities (TLC):

How are we defining and living it?

Drawing from theoretical lineages including transformative, holistic, integral and indigenous ways of knowing, we embrace TLCs through the metaphor of a traveler exploring a landscape…

a living system of understandings that emerge in the exploration process…

where the path emerges in the walking.


Transformative learning communities engaged

Walking with your mentors and cohort, you explore your wonderings individually and collectively. This supports an individualized process where you can join where you need to join, drawing on your own strengths and questions as you travel through the landscape.

This container offers the opportunity for learning in community, acknowledging a tension between the two learning paradigms: self-authored and nested in an intentional transformative learning community. You experience inquiry-based learning within the power of conversation and connection with your mentors and community.

Our leadership programs are centered on paradigm shifting relationships for social change in education. We invite you as an integral heart-centered changemaker to be our co-generators in facilitating learning communities forward into the world as an obvious choice for learning for life.

The Transformative Learning Foundation offers several ways to access this experience:

  1. Professional Development Workshops
  2. Intergenerational Workshops
  3. Certified Practitioner program in Transformative Learning Communities.
  4. Community Conversations

More info on our website , and search and register for workshops at