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December 17, 2019

Dear [subscriber:firstname | default:Learner]

As we come to the close of 2019, join us in gratitude: let’s be grateful for the growth occurring in our learners and in our program!

Together with our learners we wish you continued transformation in your personal journey and for our shared joy in self-authored, lifelong learning!

Together we continue to align in our vision to facilitate wisdom in Learners, and to be in relationship together in as a self-renewing community of self-authored consciousness evolution!

I have announcement about the Graduate Institute for Transformative Learning (GIFTLearning M.A. program):

This past year, our ninth, brought forth many changes, and are noted below in my summary.

Most importantly, NOT having our accreditation has generated a new partnership to come forward for our current cohort of GIFT L M.A. Learners:

  • We have partnered with Antioch University in a value-added alignment with our pedagogy and for our current learners AND faculty.
  • We’re memorializing our intentions over the holidays and classes for our learners start January 14, 2020.
  • As a result, our current Learners may earn an accredited Master’s Degree in our GIFTL program, under AU’s accreditation, as well as qualify to enter an EdD or PhD program should they choose!
With this opportunity, a key priority is funding a Learner scholarship fund.

Treasurer Tim Riley has pledged an end of year matching grant of $5,000 for a fund to ensure that every learner who wishes can transfer to AU and that none miss this opportunity due to finances.

We can turn this $5,000 grant into a gift of $10,000 dedicated (“restricted”) 100% to a new needs based scholarship for learners transferring to finish their GIFTL M.A. through AU.

So your $100 becomes $200, $500 becomes $1,000, and any amount you give will support a learner in our unique program and the ripple effect of your generosity will go out into the world, with gratitude! AND, it’s tax deductible, under US Law, as a charitable donation!

But for this late year pledge and our January enrollments we need your pledge and donation before 2020.

Please take a moment now and contribute online at

Thank you, in advance, for making a difference! In the attached an outline of our key milestones from this past year. We appreciate you more than words can convey!

Wishing you the best of the holiday season for you and your family,
Thanks so much,

Renee Beth Poindexter
Transformative Learning Foundation
[email protected]
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