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Can you help us get the word out?

For some, a scholarship can make the difference between enrolling or not. As you know, the Transformative Learning Foundation is currently running 90-for-90 scholarship fundraising campaign to make Transformative Learning more accessible.

[subscriber:firstname | default:So], we know not everyone is in a position to give. But a small way you can help is to share this campaign with your like-minded connections. 100% of the funds raised go directly to learners.

The inspirational Fleurette Sweeney is celebrating her 90th year. Fleurette's journey was made possible because she received support from her sisterhood. A student of Fleurette and recent graduate Darcy Kaltio attributes her transformative learning journey to receiving support, in her case a small inheritance.

"Furthering my education was the best way I could honour my grandmother. It would have been a struggle to fund further studies without her gift to me. So donating to a scholarship fund so that others may be able to pursue their studies is a way of passing on this blessing." - Darcy Kaltio, recent GIFTLearning graduate and 90-for-90 donor

Please encourage those in a position to pay-it-forward to consider a small contribution. Supporting that one person can have a profound ripple effect; and with many small donations, we can, collectively, make a big difference.

Thank you for all you do for transformative learning and the self-renewing community of care, by virtue of simply being you!

Please, share.

Britt Santowski
Advancement Coordinator at GIFTLearning

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