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Do you remember a little boost that made a big difference, [subscriber:firstname | default:transformative]?

For some, continued education is financially out of reach. To help break down that barrier, the Transformative Learning Foundation has kicked off a 90-for-90 campaign in celebration of GIFTLearning faculty Fleurette Sweeney's 90th year. Holding "90" in our hearts, the Foundation is asking 90 people to each contribute $90. The scholarships generated from this campaign will support learners who would normally not be able to afford continuing education.

Supported herself, Fleurette became a leader in the field of education. (Learn more about Fleurette Sweeney's 90-year journey here.) What did that little boost in your past allow you to flourish? One small financially supportive nudge can lead to big changes.

Can you donate a little bit, to help the Foundation collectively make a big difference?
Your generosity and kindness will not go unnoticed. Donors are listed on a growing appreciation page, and we also privately offer donors an additional discount on the Foundation's current inter-generational courses (starting in September).

We look forward to future moments of collaboration and connection with you. If you have any questions or suggestions please feel free to reach out to me by email.

Britt Santowski
[email protected]
Advancement Coordinator at GIFTLearning

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