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Holistic learning appears to be growing strong roots around the world. Here are just five of many articles appearing in the news over the past few days.
  • King5 highlights a new school in Auburn that uses holistic learning, allowing students to learn a range of subjects when they themselves are ready to learn. The school's founder is a strong advocate of getting back to play-based learning. Ashlar Farm and Forest School is for children aged three to 10.
  • The Baltimore Fishbowl published an article yesterday on a new approach being applied to STEM learning: It's a STEM mindset evolved through a "holistic educational approach" designed to "transform students' learning experience by shifting students from knowledge consumers to producers through collaborative, creative, interdisciinary learning and exploration."
  • In their SI News, Study International features Scotland's Loretto School, a co-ed boarding and day school that puts a strong emphasis on developing the whole person: mind, body and spirit. The results evidence the success of this approach, with outstanding GCSEs and A-Levels, and where nine out of 10 students continue on to their university of choice.
  • In an article on "new" learning, the New StraitsTimes ("Learn, relearn and unlearn mantra for new workforce") speaks to the new demand for a holist education that is adaptive, responsive and relevant to the rapidly changing context in which today's youth are facing.
  • FE News (Future of Education, from the UK), examines "A holistic pedagogy to widen participation and build learner engagement." In this piece, they note that simply opening the doors to higher learning institutions is not enough to get under-represented groups, life long learners, and fringe learners into higher education. Instead, the article states "an engaging pedegagy must be developed" using student-centred learning models.
If you are interested in exploring transformative learning and holistic pedagogy, the Transformative Learning Foundation offers a range of learning options from an M.A. and a Practitioner's Certificate for those ready to dive in, to individual webinars for the curious and those who wish to keep current.

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